Bringing Back the Original Taste of French Quinquina

The traditional French aperitif, ST RAPHAËL, dating back to 1830, is present at Vinexpo Hong Kong with two exceptional new references.

ST RAPHAËL can boast an incredible historical and artistic heritage. The iconic bottle with the bulb neck has been a familiar sight on tables and bar counters in France for almost 190 years.

ST RAPHAËL Quinquina withholds a prodigious patrimony, and the brand has stood the test of time with visibility and notoriety yet today.

As a tribute to Charles Loupot, major illustrator and poster designer who held a key role in the elaboration of the graphic iconography of the brand, ST RAPHAËL presents a new product range “Le quina”.

The packaging is inspired from the 50s’ bottle, with the graphic design and golden archangel Raphaël.

Elaborated from carefully selected red or white wines, mistelle, quinquina, plants and spices, Le quina Red and Amber are a reference to the classic aromatic recipe. Best enjoyed chilled, their organoleptic flavour strength makes it also the perfect range for mixology.

Level 3, Stand TU-39