Making the Headline

Shuyao Qin is Secretary General of China Alcoholic Drinks Distribution Association and founder of Yunjiu Headline, China’s leading online media in the alcoholic drinks sector with readers of around 1/5 of China’s alcoholic drink professionals and mass consumers. We asked him what interests him the most at Vinexpo HK.

I’m interested in many aspects, but looking particularly at the global trend of organic vine growing and wine making and the WOW! exhibition section; how the “Tmall Future Wine Bar”, technology and new retail affects global wine industry; internationally renowned wines’ new vintages or product launches and tastings; country or association booths and niche market wines.

As Australia is Country of Honour this year, what are your thoughts on the evolution of Australian wines on the global scene and in particular in this region?

Australia started vine growing relatively late from the global perspective, but it has developed fast and now sells very well in China and around the world.

Your thoughts about Vinexpo?

Vinexpo is the world’s leading wine & spirits fair with a fine reputation, it has been expanding, and building quality platforms for worldwide wine and spirits producers and distributors.

Photo: Shuyao Qin, Secretary General, China Alcoholic Drinks Distribution Association & Founder of Yunjiu Headline