Keeping Up Spirits – Market Data

Latest statistics released in the Vinexpo/IWSR report (2016- 2021) indicate that for spirits, premium price points are generally performing better than value globally, with mainstream standard brands developing at a healthy rate. Whisky is expected to perform particularly well, especially Scotch and US whiskey, and to a lesser degree gin and tequila. This development broadly reflects the premiumisation trend with premium andabove segments growing the fastest.

Locally-produced spirits such as Baiju make China one of the top five spirits consumers. Since 2011, while consumption of national spirits has declined, a drive to premiumisation is apparent and premium Baiju will benefit. Over the next years, China is expected to be a key driver of the premium trend in Baiju, Gin and Tequila. Cognac is forecast to show overall growth in the period.

With 31.5 litres of spirits consumed per year per adult, South Korea ranks first on the podium of alcohol lovers, far ahead of Russia (19.27 litres) or Japan and China. Like other Asia-Pacific markets, consumption of spirits in South Korea is dominated by Shochu and Soju. Both categories are expected to decline by more than 1% by 2021. Imported spirits such as Scotch – expected to lose more than 300,000 cases – and Vodka, are also in decline. An exception is US whiskey which is forecast to increase volume sales by 2.7%.

In Japan, consumption of Scotch whisky is set to grow more than 9% by 2021 to reach 1.56 million cases. Nonetheless, Japan is both a major producer of premium whiskey and an importer of US whiskey. It is promoting the US whisky sector hard and by 2021 Japan is expected to be the region’s largest US whiskey market. Consumption of US whiskey in Japan is expected to rise more than 10% by 2021 reaching in excess of 1.3 million cases Keeping Up Spirits – Market Data.