Gustave Eiffel Armagnac – A French First

Since 1989, Gustave Eiffel wines have been commercialised by Philippe Coupérie Eiffel, a direct descendant of the great French engineer, and now, Armagnac has been added to the offering, thanks to a partnership with Armagnac Castarède.

It was already in 1900 that Gustave Eiffel bought a vineyard in the Bordeaux region, and part of the estate still belongs to Valentine’s descendants. Eiffel wine has been commercialised by Philippe Coupérie Eiffel since 1989, and Armagnac Castarède has now been selected thanks to the quality of their Armagnacs, their avant-gardist image and the family values of the House.

Armagnac Gustave Eiffel is a true reflection of the attachment of the Gascony’s values and traditions. The Gustave Eiffel range is composed of VS, VSOP and Extra XO, which has already received a Gold Medal.

Level 3 / Stand V-45