Breaking the 1bn Euro Barrier

With a broad array of international brands to its name, the La Martiniquaise-Bardinet group is ready to position itself as a global spirits leader

Perseverance is paying off for familyowned La Martiniquaise. Last year, the French drinks group broke through the €1bn turnover threshold for the first time — a testament to the success of its mainstream strategy. Having conquered the French market as the country’s leading wines & spirits group, La Martiniquaise has bold ambitions to retain its place as one of the top 10 spirits groups in the world (source: Impact 2017) and is proud to be the number one global player in Port, Calvados, and Caribbean Agricole Rum. This success can be attributed to the group’s global expertise in the spirits category, with full control of production for key categories.

Founded in 1934 by Jean Cayard, La Martiniquaise has always had a mainstream approach to wine and spirits, and attributes its success to its “one-stopshop” approach to beverages. This has all been made possible thanks to the group’s investment in many different categories, meaning La Martiniquaise now has a portfolio packed with whiskies, rums, traditional French apéritifs, brandies, liqueurs, Port and wines. Its international brands are a force to be reckoned with, and boast four global products that sell more than one million nine-litre cases annually — Label 5 and Sir Edward’s Scotch Whiskies, Poliakov Vodka and Negrita Rum. Indeed, the firm’s leading brand, blended Scotch Whisky Label 5, is now available in more than 100 markets and is frequently listed as a category front runner in multiple regions. The future champion in the booming Scotch Whisky category is Glen Moray Single Malt Scotch Whisky.

A strong network of European subsidiaries, in the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain and Portugal, have also bolstered the company’s development. But it’s not just brand growth that’s of utmost importance to La Martiniquaise; the group is also focused on creating a sustainable business model wherever possible — and on a global scale. Only non-GM cereals are used in the creation of La Martiniquaise-owned Scotch whiskies and rainwater is collected for use at the Starlaw distillery in Scotland. In Martinique and Guadeloupe, the company’s Agricole rums are made from sugarcane free of any pesticides, while by-products from distillation are recycled as natural fertilisers. Electricity is generated from recovered methane. In Martinique, the group has launched an investment programme to use industrial buildings to produce electricity through solar panels. With its sustainable endeavours and widereaching portfolio of brands, it is clear why La Martiniquaise has established itself as a market leader in the world of drinks. Indeed, with a successful portfolio of international brands to its name, La Martiniquaise-Bardinet is more than ever ready to position itself as a global independent spirits leader!

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