A Vegan Grand Cru Classé from Bordeaux

Château Dauzac CEO Laurent Fortin talks about “making a difference”

Château Dauzac wines are represented on a number of distributors’ stands at this year’s Vinexpo Hong Kong. The Château has a key differentiation point of being the first 100% “vegan” Grand Cru Classé from Bordeaux. We asked company CEO Laurent Fortin to tell us more about his company’s way of working.

Biodynamics and biodiversity are part of our coherent way of managing the entire estate. In the way we manage the vineyard, the biodiversity and biodynamics and everything that revolves around it are hugely important for us.
As you know, in biodynamics, you can use copper, a heavy metal which can be quite harmful to the terroir. We are going further, by replacing part or all of the copper, using algae, cultivated nearby in Arcachon. Biodynamics means we respect every living creature on our estate.
We have put in 18 beehives, we have sheep that are grazing and cutting the grass for us, but we go further also in the wine. We are the first of all the Grand Crus Classés to be 100% vegan, meaning we don’t use any animal protein during the wine filtration process. We use vegetable protein, namely from potatoes, in the filtration process. We are the only one to be 100% vegan certified. Our way of working encompasses the entire estate.

Tell us a little more about the estate.

Château Dauzac, 5th Grand Cru Classé of Margaux in 1855, has the immense privilege of being a single tenant vineyard of 49 hectares; 45 hectares in Margaux appellation and 4 hectares in Haut-Médoc appellation. Located near the Gironde, whose influence on the vineyard’s ecosystem is capital, the estate is protected from the ocean winds by its privileged location in the heart of 120 hectares of meadows and forests. This agronomic bubble and this unique terroir have allowed us to develop a culture of precision, valuing the exceptional characteristics of this Grand Cru Classé.

Photo: Château Dauzac – CEO Laurent Fortin