Passion for the Natural

World of Organic Wines! Growing in Importance

The production of organic and biodynamic wine is becoming increasingly important, underpinned at Vinexpo Hong Kong by WOW! (World of Organic Wines!).

Visitors will have the chance to discover some highly interesting products on show here for the first time. A great example is the Spanish producer Parés Baltà. The environmentally respectful cultivation of the vines is key to Parés Baltà’s sense of identity. 100% of their wines are certified as organic and their vineyards are biodynamic (by Demeter).

Another highly interesting aspect of their production is in the vinification. 2,000 years ago, the Iberians used clay from the Foix mountains to make amphorae. Today, Parés Baltà takes their legacy to ferment their wines in amphorae, also made with the clay coming from their vineyards. A natural wine is thus made with as little chemical and technological intervention as possible: both while growing the grapes and when proceeding them into wine. Strictly speaking, Natural Wines are wines produced without adding or removing anything during the winemaking process. After harvesting by hand the grapes of the old Xarel·lo vines, the wine arises from a natural alcoholic fermentation in the clay amphorae. The porosity of those amphorae causes a hyper oxidation and leads all the oxidisable particles to the bottom. The result is a crystal-clear wine.

Level 3 / Stand M-54