A Touch of French Sparkle


Jaillance, France’s leading producer of AOC sparkling wines – festive, friendly and fun

The Rhône Valley – one of the most beautiful regions in France and home to Jaillance, a winery based on the core values of respect for nature and the quest for quality. The Jaillance Winery was founded in 1950 in the village of Die, by a group of passionate, forward-looking winemakers who saw cooperation as a means to consolidate their expertise and achieve nationwide recognition for their sparkling wines. Jaillance have since expanded into Bordeaux and the Loire Valley, and are gradually setting a gold standard for terroir-driven French sparkling wines.

Jaillance is France’s leading producer of several AOC sparkling wines, including Clairette de Die, Crémant de Die, Crémant de Bordeaux, Crémant de Loire, Vouvray and Saumur. The company’s premium-quality sparkling AOC wines regularly win awards in the world’s most prestigious competitions. With a unique combination of experience and skill, Jaillance know how to make their terroirs sparkle!

The Jaillance range is full and varied, every wine specifically adapted to suit its chosen market. The wines reflect the individual character of each region, while the company’s name and reputation give the consumer a guarantee of consistent high quality. The Jaillance brand – festive, friendly and fun!


For decades, Jaillance have been committed to a policy of quality and sustainability in a number of key areas. People come first, and here Jaillance pledge to develop individual and collective skills; then comes land and the importance of protecting the environment and our natural resources; and finally, economic sustainability, including creating and sharing value and maintaining high performance standards.

With the help and support of their members, Jaillance are constantly researching new ways to improve sustainability processes in the vineyard and winery. Because waste prevention, and finding new waste treatment and recovery solutions, ultimately benefits everyone – not least the region’s winegrowers.


Jaillance aspire to give greater recognition to the work of their members and to respond quickly to the needs of customers, both in France and abroad. This is one of the main reasons why significant investments have been made in the Die and Bordeaux production sites over the last three years.

The same reasoning lies behind Jaillance’s recent investments in the Loire. Their new AOC terroirs, Crémant de Loire, Saumur and Vouvray, are a natural complement to the existing Jaillance range – fresh, elegant Loire wines, painting a true picture of the Loire’s most iconic grape varietals: Chenin, Cabernet Franc and Grolleau.

For the Jaillance brand, innovation is always at the top of the agenda. This translates as a focus on terroir (or more precisely on individual plot), on our members and their exemplary work as they develop distinctive new products, on biodynamic and estate wines, single vineyard wines and the new Clairette Rosé, on tailoring our organic products to meet the needs of French and international markets, and on improving competitiveness.

With its precise focus on quality, innovation and sustainability, Jaillance is looking to consolidate the brand across all distribution channels. The Jaillance brand already accounts for 75% of total volume sales across the group, and the ongoing strategy is to continue positioning it in the premium segment, developing it as a distinctive, top quality product. Meanwhile the goal is also to broaden the range of Jaillance products across other appellations, to increase share for Brut, and to double export market share to 20%

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