Traditional or Submarine?


Champagne Drappier has announced the release of two products that will allow consumers to directly compare its wines matured in seawater compared with the traditional wine cellar.

In June 2015, the Champagne house submerged a number of its bottles in the sea, off the coast of Brest, in Brittany. The project, called “Immersion”, was inspired by the seas that covered Champagne 155 million years ago, depositing billions of small shells that were later transformed into the region’s acclaimed Jurassic kimmeridgian limestone. Underwater, the bottles were kept at the same temperature and light level as those stored in Drappier’s cellars. The wine was stored at a depth equal to the pressure that compresses gas in the bottle. Available in selected retail stores in the UK, France, Italy and Japan, Drappier has released a giftbox of two bottles, containing one bottle aged under water, the other in its cellars.

Housed in a wooden box, complete with ink illustrations by the house’s creative director, Charline Drappier, the Immersion series offers a unique tasting experience that provides the chance to compare different ageing conditions. Each “immersed bottle” is delicately packaged so that the shells, which grew on the bottle as it aged, are not damaged.

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