Tomi Achieves Global Acclaim


Suntory raises Japan’s wine to a world-class standard

Suntory’s business started with wine. The first sale of Akadama Port Wine (now Akadama Sweet Wine) by the company’s founder, Shinjiro Torii in 1907, laid the foundation for the Suntory of today. In 1936, Shinjiro joined Zenbei Kawakami, the “father of Japanese viticulture”, in initiating management of a vineyard in the Tomi no Oka region of Yamanashi Prefecture.

Operating their own vineyard and applying consistent winemaking methods, from the growing of European grapes exclusively for wine to the production and aging of the wine itself, Suntory developed the skills and know-how that culminated in Tomi, a red wine that represents Japan proudly throughout the world. This vineyard, spread out across the hills of the Tomi no Oka region of Yamanashi Prefecture, is known today as the Suntory Tomi no Oka Winery.

The passion and skilled technique of Suntor y’s viniculture experts gave birth to Tomi no Oka Winery’s flagship Tomi 1997, a wine that went on to win a gold medal in 2003 at Les Citadelles du Vin (an international wine and spirits competition held in the Bordeaux region of France), an historic first for Japanese wine. As such, Tomi no Oka Winery’s winemaking has come to achieve world acclaim.

In 2010, wine made with 100% domestic grapes was positioned as “Japanese Wine”, and the consequent releases of the Tomi no Oka winery series and the Japan Premium series, wines that pursue uniquely Japanese tastes, have met with favourable response. This was followed by the Shiojiri Winery series in 2017, which was also received favourably.


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