Italian Signature Wines Academy: Spotlighting Wineries with Great Wine-Making Histories

The Italian Signature Wines Academy is back with its own stand at Vinexpo Hong Kong 2018.

ISWA is made up of eight leading companies in the Italian wine sector whose products “faithfully reflect the most prestigious appellations, have decided to pool their efforts under a shared vision, create synergies and launch a strategic alliance, enhancing the concept of the interplay between tradition and innovation”.

United by a shared vision, strengthened by their similarities in being families with “great wine making histories” and believing in their ‘Italianness’ with impassioned enthusiasm and pride, they have pooled their age-old operational experience in the sector and their modern, consolidated skills for the purpose of targeted promotional projects. The stated objective is to open up new, ambitious avenues for Italian quality wine, which, in established as well as emerging markets, exhibits considerable opportunities for reinforcement and growth.

ISWA focuses in international markets, in particular in those markets where Made in Italy products are not yet well established. In this way, their presence at Vinexpo Hong Kong represents a concrete effort to “face the challenges of the future together”, offering to the markets the best production and the finest Italian wine brands.

Level 1 / Stand DE-56