B&G, Love Letters from France

Barton & Guestier launches new collections under a new brand signature

Barton & Guestier will be taking the opportunity of Vinexpo Hong Kong to unveil its new brand signature and to launch its new wine collections with a more crafted approach.

To highlight this unique positioning Barton & Guestier introduces its new signature with the red B&G letters, recapturing the graphic identity that has been the strength of the brand for almost 300 years.

The new signature comes with the new collections of Appellation and Varietal wines. for which Laurent Prada, B&G head winemaker, and his team work in partnership with nearly 200 winegrowers: “Developing a strong trust-based relationship with each winegrower, from father to son, is very important for us. We are mutually committed over the long term to produce high-end quality wines, more outstanding than ever before.”

The new Appellation collection consists of 19 appellation wines from the main French regions: Bordeaux, Loire, Burgundy, Beaujolais, Rhône and Provence. All the appellations are made with a more crafted approach, with Cuvées named after famous ships from Daniel Guestier or historical parcels. Each region benefits from a distinctive label shape. The new Varietal collection consists of 7 IGP varietal wines from the Languedoc, Gascony and Corsica. New selections and specific vinifications resulted in outstanding true to type wines.
All the wines of both collections come with a shiny red capsule branded with the B&G letters.

The introduction of the new ranges is coming with new advertising, new tools and a series of Master Classes that will be run worldwide.

Level 3 / Stand U-80