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A Time For Federation

In his closing remarks after the 2017 edition of Vinexpo Bordeaux, the organisation’s CEO Guillaume Deglise mentioned several aspects of this year’s show that made it stand out from previous ones. But the one that seemed to really underline the sentiment felt throughout the four days of the event was that of “federation”.

VNXPOD-300x300px_ReviewWhile some might argue that the key purpose of a trade show is in any case to bring people together, it might seem that the word federation is totally evident and perhaps not even necessary as a descriptive term. But walking the show floor, watching the conference sessions and tastings, witnessing the peripheral events and listening to the banter at the press bar, it became obvious that perhaps now, more than ever, the wine and spirits worlds are coming together as one – not so much in terms of globalisation (although that is true, too), but more in terms of understanding, friendships, partnerships and trust.

All those who attended Vinexpo 2017 have grown a little closer together – thanks to Mr Deglise and his team. We look forward to seeing this “big family” again next year – in Hong Kong, New York and Tokyo!