Rediscovered: Germany’s Aromatic Grape Varieties

Aromatic grape varieties are experiencing a revival both in Germany itself and abroad. This year’s Vinexpo covers the full gamut of these wines, which appeal especially to younger wine enthusiasts – thanks to their intensive aroma, coupled with a pleasantly fresh fruity acidity and subtle sweetness.

With over 100 years’ history, Scheurebe has a cultivation area of around 1,400 hectares, and is one of the major German bouquet varieties. Scheurebe wines range from dry to luscious sweet, and from quality to ice wines.

Sauvignon Blanc is the shooting star among German white wines. Over the past ten years, its vineyard area in Germany has more than tripled to 960 ha, with further potential for growth.

Then there’s Gewürztraminer, a monument to German wine culture – steeped in centuries of tradition. A total of 420 ha of the overall 965 ha can be found in the Pfalz – the largest vineyard area of this variety. The remainder is grown in Baden and Sachsen as a speciality. Gewürztraminer seduces the senses with its captivating scent of roses. Matured as a dry to off- dry wine, it complements Asian cuisine or game pâté, while luscious sweet varieties are especially tasty with aromatic desserts and spicy cheese.