Paolo Basso – Sommelier for Air France – Working with bettane+dessesauve on Wine List

Since September 2014, Air France has been entrusting the elaboration of its wine list to Paolo Basso, elected best sommelier of the world in 2013. He collaborates with bettane+desseauve, authors of the Great Guide of French wines in the first and business cabins.

Associating the intimate knowledge of the French vineyards of bettane+desseauve with Paolo Basso’s expertise as a taster allows Air France to offer a selection of exceptional quality: a journey through the regions of France and the prestigious domains. In business, the new wine menu is innovative, highlighting the diversity of the French vineyard, with renowned labels, for example Médoc Château Rollan de By 2009. The discoveries also have their place and the favorites of Paolo Basso are in the spotlight.

The first cabin focuses on the excellence of the French Vineyard, in particular its major regions (champagne and Bordeaux with renowned labels, but also Burgundy, Rhone Valley).

Champagne Krug Grande Cuvée, Saint-Emilion 1st Grand Cru classified Chateau Beau-Séjour Kiss 2008, etc. bettane+desseauve and Paolo Basso select the best areas and the most exclusive properties, in vintages adapted to the consumption on board.

Every year, one and a half million large bottles of wine, including eight hundred thousand bottles of champagne, are served aboard Air France flights.

Photo: Paolo Basso – Best Sommelier of the World in 2013