Vinexpo Daily – Download 2017 Day 4 Edition

Globalisation of Wine and Spirits


Is it just me, or is the globalisation of wine and spirits picking up pace? We’ve discovered at this year’s Vinexpo a number of amazing, unusual or unlikely combinations. Bache Gabrielsen is presenting the first Cognac ever to be aged in American Oak. Moon Harbour last year launched its first Premium Blend Bordeaux whisky, and at this year’s Vinexpo, it’s launching a Bordeaux gin. Naud distillery also has French vodkas and gins, and Monteru distillery in Cognac has unveiled a brandy inspired by the Land of the Rising Sun. Of course, we’ve seen gins, brandies and vodkas from Spain and Italy, and the brandies and whiskies made in Japan have already been renowned for a long time, while China is also on the case.

VNXPOD-300x300px_day4We’re also now seeing Saké produced in America and Europe. When one considers global warming, and the impact of transport on CO2 emissions, there is a lot of sense in producing more and more drinks locally, and it is interesting to experiment and look for ways to be different. But how does it sit with the consumer? It’s an interesting question, and one that harks back to the wine industry of yesteryear, when the idea that one might be able to produce great wines in the New World was laughable, and we all know how that has evolved today. Indeed, it’s interesting, intelligent and daring to launch new ventures such as those mentioned above, and Vinexpo is just the right place to form one’s own opinion as to the quality and worthiness of each of them!