Sulphite-free Bordeaux

The new sulphite free range of wines from organic producer Bordeaux Vineam is very much in keeping with the overall organic theme at this year’s Vinexpo.

Bordeaux Vineam, which includes six château covering 240 hectares across the Acquitaine region of Bordeaux, has been fully committed to not using any synthetic chemicals, herbicides and GMOs since 2011. Which means it is bringing organic winemaking to the left bank estates of Moulis and Sauternes, and the right bank estate of Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux.

Its new sulphite-free range, Parole de Terroir, covers six wines from the 2015 and 2016 vintages.

They are carefully bottled to ensure no oxygen is included and are as natural as possible.

Bordeaux Vineam’s viticultural team works hard to plant hedgerows and honey- producing plants and build beehives across its vineyards to create the right micro climate to attract insects and other microbes that help create natural and organic wines and prevent diseases.

Hall 3, Stand W340