Exploring French Liqueurs and Creams

Distillerie de Miscault Devoille offers you the chance to explore the traditional spirits of the Burgundy – Franche-Comté region in France.

It produces a wide range of products including 26 liqueurs as well as creams, cherries in brandy and gins. It handles and distills 500 tonnes of fruit and produces 400,000 bottles a year to be sold in France and its growing exports markets around the world.

The distillery specialises in creating spirits and liqueurs where the emphasis is very much on expressing the natural fruits that help bring out the flavours in its classic fruit styles, such as William pear, raspberry, Mirabelle plum, poppy, or its new rhubarb liqueur flavour.

These are best shown in its fine liqueur range that include tangerine, ginger and génépi. Its wider liqueur and creams range are also popular with mixologists and bars as they are ideal as base spirits in cocktails.

Hall 1, Stand E208-1