Bees and Honey Combine for Joseph Cartron

Burgundy liqueur distiller, Joseph Cartron, has introduced a Heather Flower Honey Liqueur which combines fresh honey that comes direct from heather owers found on sand dunes within the Landes forest of Gascony in south west France.

The honey is collected from over 300 beehives carefully located within the forest and has a unique spicy, woody flavour influenced by the trees of what is the largest maritime pine forest in Europe.

The liqueur is made by combining the honey with pure alcohol with no other ingredients. The result is a sweet, aromatic liqueur with a dense nose of smoked peat, vanilla and beeswax.

It is described as having a “remarkable freshness” on the palate and a long nish.

Joseph Cartron’s Heather Honey Liqueur is available from July 1 in 500ml and 700ml bottles. It is also showing its Crèmes des Cassis de Bourgogne and its Crèmes de Fruits et Liqueurs de Création at the show.

Hall 3, Stand R328