The Market for Sparkling Wine

Between 2010 and 2014, global consumption of sparkling wine increased by 1.8% in volume, to reach 210.8m cases. It will continue growing by an amazing 8.7% on the 2019 horizon.

Consumption outside France increased 2.4% or 10.9m cases. Asia-Pacific drove this growth, with Australia and Japan the leading markets. Much smaller Hong Kong, New Zealand, South Korea and China also saw healthy growth. Japan is forecast to see the most growth ahead of the US, and Australia the third- highest growth ahead of Italy.

Consumption of non-Champagne sparkling wines increases, driven by Prosecco’s boom in the UK. In Germany, however, the world’s largest market for non-Champagne sparkling wines. Demand is declining following recent years of strong growth.

Between 2014 and 2019, sparkling wine sales are on the rise, albeit at a much slower rate. Indeed, the overall market is expected to add almost 20m cases in the five years to 2019: Asia, North and South America and Southern Europe are all expected to increase by more than a million cases.

From Vinexpo/ IWSR Study