The Impact of Brexit on the World’s Wine Industry

It might only be the second day of formal negotiations between the British government and the European parliament over how the UK is officially going to leave the EU but the impact is already being felt by the global wine industry.

Currency rates, particularly sterling, were hit immediately by the Leave vote in the UK’s EU referendum last June, directly affecting the competitiveness of wine from key producing countries around the world.

How Brexit is going to influence future trading not only with the UK, but between international wine markets is the subject of today’s debate on the issue. The panel includes Miles Beale, chief executive of the UK’s Wine & Spirit Trade Association, who is working with international bodies to prepare potential trading agreements post-Brexit; Andrew Shaw, group wine buying director of Conviviality, the UK’s largest wine distributor; and Jean-Marie Barillère, president of the Union of Maison de Champagne.

Forum, 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm