Celebrating 1300 years of history at Yanghe Distillery

If you want an introduction to the quality of spirits being produced in China then head to Yanghe Distillery, one of the countries oldest, biggest and most influential spirit companies.

Its two subsidiary brands, Yanghe and Shuanggou, have histories reaching back 1,300 years, and it is that level of tradition that makes the Chinese spirits industry so fascinating. The average Chinese spirit can contain over 1,000 different microbes, all adding to the complexity and uniqueness of the drink.

Key brands to look out for include the Mengzhilan Series, a high-end brand which uses a base liquor stored in centuries old cellars. Or there is Yanghe Daqu, first made in the Sui and Tang dynasties, which uses the highest quality sorghum as its base spirit along with wheat, barley and peas as fermenting agents.

The Sujiu series is a combination of Yanghe’s traditional mellow styes and Shuanggou’s rich cellar flavours.

Hall 1, Stand E70