A True Homage to the Potential of Reserve Wines


With its name inspired by the powerful and free warriors of ancient times, the mysterious legendary women, the AMAZONE cuvée has absorbed some of their power and magic.

AMAZONE DE PALMER is a true homage to the potential of reserve wines. It is a rare cuvée made with some of the very best wines of the Palmer’s collection, selected for their structure, complementarity and ageing potential. The uniqueness of its style, an exclusive selection of Grands and Premiers Crus, long ageing in the chalky cradle of the cellars, manual riddling on wooden racks and the stunning oval shape of its bottle, AMAZONE DE PALMER is a truly exceptional champagne.

Palmer & Co asked the renowned artist Alain Bonnefoit to express his vision of AMAZONE DE PALMER on the gift box, and the result is a rare and unique inspiration. On the palate, AMAZONE is complex, rich and intense while at the same time exuding a remarkable freshness.

Hall 3, Stand T333