When White Turns to Amber…


For more than 700 years, in the heart of the south-west, in Gascony more precisely, the winegrowers have distilled white wine to give birth to one of the most beautiful French eaux-de-vies: Armagnac.

Fiery and racy, this precious liquid gathers sagacity and fullness thanks to many years of ageing in the quiet of the cellars. For Lionel Osmin & Cie, a young and dynamic house created in Pau in 2010, whose ambition is to reveal the richness of the grapes and terroirs of the Southwest, Armagnac represents the “added soul” of this unique French wine region.

Five Armagnacs, from 12 to 39 years of age, bear the signature Lionel Osmin: a selection based on emotion and pleasure, which have given birth to strictly limited production, with Armagnacs in the purest possible style, hardly reduced, if at all, leaving the accelerators of ageing to enhance the intrinsic character and expression of these very genuine eaux- de-vies.

The youngest should be tasted at a temperature of 14-15 ° C, with a chocolate or dried fruit dessert, the oldest to accompany the aroma of a “Puro” cigar, at room temperature, in a large crystal glass so that their multiple aromas flourish.

One of the “stars of the show”: 1996, 16 years old, 42% draw N°1, June 2013: 463 bottles. Beautiful deep colour, sustained amber… a moment of tasting as rare as the number of bottles!

Hall 1, Stand E324