The “Etchebest View” of Bordeaux

The globally celebrated Chef, Philippe Etchebest, opened the restaurant “Le Quatrième Mur” in Bordeaux just under two years ago. We asked him what prompted him to open a new establishment here…

I chose to settle in Bordeaux because it’s my hometown and I wanted to contribute to the vibrancy of the city. Le Quatrième Mur is a brasserie style restaurant set within the amazing heritage building that is the National Opera House, right in the middle of Bordeaux’s historic quarter. Through our menus and our cooking, we remain true to my principles of sharing and generosity. We offer uncomplicated dishes but in which flavour plays the leading role.

Why name the restaurant Le Quatrième Mur?

“Imagine a high wall standing along the edge of the stage separating you from the audience… act your part as though the curtain hasn’t been raised”. These were the words of Denis Diderot in “La poésie dramatique”. It was this quotation that the designer and architect used as inspiration for their concept for the restaurant. They then built a 27-metre long wall which separates the restaurant from the dramatic arts next door.

Can you suggest a “must do” for those on their first visit to the city?

Bordeaux is a beautiful city, which has enjoyed an extraordinary dynamism over the past few years. The city was voted best European destination in 2015 and listed as the number one city in the Lonely Planet guide 2017. For those who visit the city for the first time, I would suggest to simply “get lost” in the many streets of the city centre and admire the architecture. The most important thing is to take your time (something I have trouble to do myself) and enjoy. From the top of the Aquitaine bridge, the scenery of Bordeaux at sunset is amazing.

Can you recommend an unusual place for the visitor to discover?

I recommend the “Marché des Capucins” in the Saint Michel area. It is a market that dates from several centuries ago and symbolises tradition, authenticity and the very best products. It is a place of life, where one can discover and taste everything our beautiful region offers and more. It’s definitely a different side of this vibrant city and it reminds me so much of my childhood and my parents’ restaurants “Le Chipiron” and “Cour de l’Yser”.