Marie Brizard Looks to Capitalise on Big Demand for Frozen Cocktails


Marie Brizard Wine & Spirits hopes new range extensions to its Fruits & Wine brand will help it strengthen and grow its position as the number one fruit based wine drink in France.

Younger French consumers have made fruit based wine drinks one of the fastest growing wine categories in the country, with Fruits & Wine establishing itself as the leading brand since being launched in 2011. It now sells 12m bottles a year worldwide, of which 80-90% is in France.

It is now looking to move the brand in to new areas with two different ranges of frozen pouch 200ml drinks: one with fruit based wines, the other a combination of cocktail mixes.

Both are being pitched at the mainstream on and off-trade markets and are already on sale in France in leading chains such as Carrefour, but are also being pitched at the international market, particularly in Europe and Africa, said André Schirpke, of Marie Brizard’s export division.

The frozen cocktail market, be it wine or spirit based, is one of the big success of the last three years, not just in France but around the world. The global market is now thought to be worth $85m with the potential for an additional $100m growth over the next two years, according to Nielsen.

The US frozen cocktail market is already worth $49m, whilst the UK has seen growth from £2m sales in 2013 to £15m in 2015, slipping to £13m on the back of a bad summer (Nielsen).

Marie Brizard’s new fruit based wine range is being positioned as an alternative to fruit based beers with retailers encouraged to merchandise them side by side. It includes three choices: Rosé Grapefruit; White Peach; and Elderflower Lime and Mint.

The cocktail range includes four mixes each endorsed either by the Marie Bizard brand name or an appropriate spirit. They are: Marie Brizard – Manza Nita (apple); Marie Brizard – Mojito (rum, lime, mint); Sobieski – Cosmopolitan (vodka, lime, triple sec, cranberries); and William Peel – Peel Cola (whisky, cola).

Both ranges have a 5.5% abv and a recommended retail price of between €2 to €2.50. They are made to be sold in ambient condition and need to be frozen for a minimum eight hours.

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