Travellers’ Tips from the Black Prince

Pyrenean of origin, and passionate about cooking from an early age, Vivien Durand, a rather “laid-back” chef, picked up his first star at the Maison “Eguiazabal, le Bar à Vin” in Hendaye in 2013. The choice of Michelin had surprised at the time: he was the first in the Red Book to offer tapas on the menu!

Vivien moved to the kitchens of the “Prince Noir” (Black Prince), long held by the famous chef Jean-Marie Amat, in 2014. In this restaurant, housed in a castle next to the Aquitaine bridge in Bordeaux, Durand picked-up a new star nine months later. He is thus today renowned for finding “the right products and men”.

Vivien Durand’s touch is as creative as it is delectable. This former pupil of Alain Ducasse offers a simple and refined convivial cuisine. In this surprising place, gravitating between classic decor and modernity, with glazed bays overlooking the restaurant’s own vegetable garden, one can perceive, as a backdrop, the Garonne and the left bank of Bordeaux like no-one else!

In the plate, the show is also spectacular, bursting with colours and embellished with wonderful aromas. All the dishes are prepared with fresh and local produce, a real delight. The lunch menu is renewed each week with each time, two entrees, two dishes and two desserts that are offered to you at your choice.

But as Durand is a man of exquisite taste, we asked him what other establishments in Bordeaux he might recommend…
There’s not just one! I love Le Flacon wine bar, Le Bistrot Glouton, le Saint-James and many more. Bordeaux has become so exciting for food and beverages since a couple of years now, I really love this electric feeling.


Can you suggest a “must” for those on a first visit to the city?
The town is a must. You just have to walk in Bordeaux and feel all its history. So lose yourself in the small streets to discover the beauty of architecture and fancy things to do.

Can you recommend an unusual place for the visitor to discover?
I really want “Bordelais” and visitors to be able to discover the right bank of the Garonne! You have many things to do and to discover too: Le pont d’Aquitaine for example. And this year marks the 50th anniversary of the Rocher Palmer and its impressive architecture.

Photo: Vivien Durand – Chef, le Prince Noir, Lormont