The Rhône Valley – A Reference for Rosé Wines

In France, the Rhône Valley, with about 400,000 hectoliters of rosé wines, is the third largest producer (14%) behind Provence (global leader) and the Loire.

Just like with red wines, Côtes-du-Rhône Rosés are striving to find a true typicity, to stand out from the “Provence” style.

Historically with low production quantities, rosé production has increased over the past decades in the Rhône, with local winemakers largely developing the product with a great deal of attention to consistency, avoiding “fashion trends”. Rosé wine production is thus making good qualitative progress (microbiology, temperature control, oxygen management, etc;) and a real oenological know-how has been structured around specific vinification methods.

As a result, rosé wines are no longer considered as the “poor-sibling” in the Rhône region.

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