French Wine Still #1 in US Top-End Segment

A recent study released by Agrifrance (a specialist division of BNP Paribas), shows that French wines remain the undisputed leaders in the US top-end segment and rosé wine market.

Since 2013, the USA has been the world’s top market for wine consumption. Furthermore, US- based buyers have a very strong presence at Vinexpo Bordeaux… for obvious reasons.

“The US is both a producer and consumer in the wine market. With 419,000 hectares, the United States boasts the 5th largest wine- producing area in the world and produces 22 million hectolitres, which makes it the world’s 4th largest market in terms of production,” underlined Benoit Léchenault, Head of Agrifrance, adding: “Prospects are very favourable in the United States for French wines, which set a benchmark in the market. Despite stiff competition, French products enjoy a number of advantages.”


While French vineyards are losing ground to New World producers and French wine-

growers continue to face many challenges, France nevertheless remains an undisputed leader in the US top-end segment (premium and ultra-premium) and in the rosé market. The United States is the top customer for France’s Provence region, buying 36% of wine exports from the region.

Italy is still the number one wine supplier to the United States, with 28% of volume and 31% of value. However, France, with only 11.6% of volume, enjoys an excellent image and remains a benchmark for top-end wines. France ranks second on market share by value, with 29%.