Austria’s Wine Exports Booming : Repeated Record Sales Regardless of Small Harvests

Proceeds from Austria’s wine exports climbed in the year 2016 to a new record level of nearly €148m, despite a series of small harvests since 2011. This came about thanks to a considerable sales increase in upper- echelon bottled wines: a volume of 1.8 million litres, which translates into revenue growth of €5.2m for this segment. The median price of all exports climbed to an impressive €3.05 per litre.

Despite lower turnover in bulk wine, strong increases in sales of bottled wines managed to provide the total export picture with an increase of more than 3%, or €4.5m.

Bottled Qualitätswein-grade whites posted a gain of more than €6m. Markets outside the EU are primarily responsible for this welcome development in exports, with Switzerland (including Liechtenstein), the USA, Norway, Canada, Hong Kong and Australia leading the way.

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