Art and Wine as One

Jean-Claude Mas: an impassioned Languedoc producer with a unique vision

Passionate about the Languedoc, its wines and its winemaking history, Jean-Claude Mas is dedicated to promoting and sharing Languedoc’s exclusive appellations, its soils, landscape, know-how and inspiration.

“Tradition has to reinvent itself, or one day, French wine will belong in a museum.” Living by this philosophy, Jean Claude Mas innovates year after year, with 2017 being no exception to the rule. A firm believer that wine is more than just a product to be consumed, it is an experience to be lived, Mas does not shy away from blurring the lines between the arts and wine. This year sees yet another “Tableau de Vie” (A Life Story in a Painting) limited edition wine for Aldi stores in the UK, in the Terrasses du Larzac appellation.

These authentic “rural luxury” wines are represented by a painting highlighting the region they are from, created by artist Christophe Heymann CHAP.

The UK is the country he has chosen for another great innovation that unites works of art and wine. In 2016, Jean-Claude Mas created 30 unique bottles that were developed by the famous French crystal works DAUM, and painted by Heymann, his 2015 Astélia AAA (read triple A) vintage. These incredible works of art have been recreated in glass with partner “OI”. The Astelia AAA glass bottles will be a 75cl copy of the crystal bottle, with serigraphy representations of these exceptional works of art etched into the glass, and will contain the best wine the Domaines Paul Mas has to offer, an AOP Terrasses du Larzac and AOP Grès de Montpellier. The glass bottles are set to become the emblem of the highest quality wines produced in the Jean-Claude Mas range. A perfect symbiosis between sculpture, painting and wine, the first bottles will hit the market in autumn 2017.

Domaines Paul Mas continues to innovate in all aspects of winemaking. Jean-Claude Mas has applied his passion for wine to the exceptional Languedoc terroir that produces moreish sparkling wines. Besides the traditional Crémants and Blanquettes de Limoux that Domaines Paul Mas produces, Mas permanently seeks to be on the cutting edge of wine and leave his mark. His sparkling offer now includes a Pinot Noir Méthode Traditionnel (Cuvée Secrète), Gewurtzraminer Blanc de Blancs Frisante and Picpoul-Chardonnay Frisante (Côté Mas), and the latest addition to the range, a Pinot Gris Frisante (Ferrandière).

Jean-Claude Mas’ latest inspiration to promote terroir, wine, culture and the arts? Becoming, via Domaines Paul Mas, one of the key partners of the Deferlantes music festival for the event’s 10th anniversary in July 2017 (from 8th to 11th July). Voted France’s greatest festival in 2016, Les Deferlantes 2017 will be showcasing internationally acclaimed musicians including Sting, Iggy Pop and Manu Chao. Domaines Paul Mas will have not only their own reserved area, where their wines will be served alongside some great local- inspired amuses-bouches, but their Côté Mas Airstream will be creating gourmet festival meals. The festival will see the launch of the Catalini cocktail, created by Jean-Claude Mas himself, and the sparkling brand Paul Mas Prima Perla as the official sparkling wine of the festival. The Deferlantes music festival represents the deep commitment that Jean-Claude Mas has to promoting the arts, his wines and the region to which he is intrinsically bound.

Hall 1, Stand AB15

Domaines Paul Mas has been leading innovation and driving the rise in quality of Languedoc-Roussillon wines since 2000. 4th generation grape grower and 1st generation vigneron, owner Jean-Claude Mas’ rich résumé led him away from the vineyards, from top end schools, to the motorsports business, before re-centering on his origins and beginning to learn about winemaking. This diverse background has enriched his winemaking and business style, allowing him to create a unique style for his wines: Old World wines with New World Attitude.

Photo: Astelia DAUM Revelation