Angels Now Whispering in 105 Countries

Château d’Esclans Domaines Whispering Angel (Sacha Lichine) has become an “evangelist” for Côtes de Provence wines – now present in 105 countries.

Now in its tenth year, Sacha Lichine claims proudly that the 2016 vintage of Whispering Angel is everything he has strived for in terms of complexity, elegance, balance &, above all, thorough enjoyment.

Whispering Angel is among the most recognisable rosés from Côtes de Provence and has performed remarkably in terms of eluding cultural boundaries and encouraging consumers to pay more attention to wines in its category. The wine’s quality emanates from rigorous viticultural practices coupled with master craftsmanship overseen by Patrick Leon and his son, Bertrand, making this a truly “grand” rosé.

The range encompasses three rosés, Rock Angel, Les Clans and Garrus. Garrus just received a perfect 20/20 rating from esteemed wine journalist, Matthew Jukes.

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