Vinexpo Hong Kong 2016 FACTS & FIGURES EMERGE

Addressing the closing press conference of Vinexpo Hong Kong 2016, Vinexpo Chairman, Xavier de Eizaguirre, revealed the key statistics (up to date on the final day of the show). Following is a recap of his official statement:

“This year, there have been more than 450 media attendees. There have been 1,300 exhibitors from 33 countries. This is remarkable and we have been very impressed with the creativity of most of the exhibitors. The stands were quite remarkable: creative, innovative – and certainly helping people to get the message across about each of these wineries or countries or regions. In terms of visitors, China is back. And China is back in quite large proportions. Mainland China will be the number one market in terms of visitors. It used to be Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is now number two. What is important is to stress that between China and Hong Kong, we have around 70% of our visitors, which amount to around 12,000 in total. Besides China and Hong Kong, we have the traditional other markets such as Taiwan, which is number 3, Japan, South Korea, and a number of newcomers which we are delighted to see such as Malaysia, Vietnam, and even smaller markets such as Laos and Cambodia, and even Thailand. This year we have also opened Vinexpo Hong Kong to visitors from countries other than just Asia. We have noted a very large participation from Australia – increasing by 24% this year compared to the previous edition. We have people from every continent – form the USA, South America, the Middle East, and many European countries. So it shows that Vinexpo Hong Kong is not only focused and geared to the Asian market but also in bringing in visitors from all over the world.”