One-on-Wine with Guillaume Deglise

The Vinexpo CEO talks to Richard Barnes, editor-in-chief of Vinexpo Daily about the local market, and takes us for a trip into the future for a look at Vinexpo Bordeaux 2017…

We started by asking about the success of the “one-to-wine” business meetings – launched at this show for the first time.

When you talk to exhibitors, you realise that this is key in our offering. It’s probably the top argument we have, because firstly, Vinexpo is the only exhibition to have this tool. It’s something on which we invest a lot, because we have a dedicated team of ten people calling people prior to the exhibition and organising the agenda of both exhibitors and visitors. It’s a tough job, but it’s probably the best service an exhibitor can expect from an exhibition like Vinexpo. So yes we are developing it. In Bordeaux it will be open to every exhibitor, free of charge. And to me, it’s the best service we can offer.

You’ve announced that Spain is going to be the next country of honour at Bordeaux. Already here, some regions of Spain that have never exhibited before are here at Vinexpo HK. What can we expect at next year’s event in France?

First is to have global presence for Spain. Just like Italy, Spain has a huge variety of wines. A lot of people know the main regions such as the Rioja and the Ribera del Duero, but in fact Spain has much more to offer. They make brilliant white wines, they make brilliant rosés, which are very trendy, they make brilliant sparkling wines and sweet wines. So they have all categories, and our aim is to emphasise the diversity of Spain, to spotlight the new Denominacions that are becoming famous around the world, to give a lift to some others, and to help some wines, such as sherries, which are very enjoyable wines, to become more trendy. I am really excited about giving a push to the sherry producers. On top of that we will organise many seminars and tastings and master classes on Spanish wines, and we shall organise a very special Spanish evening together with Wine Spectator •