Never Drink Alone T!

When Swiss commitment to excellence meets Russian tradition

Tovaritch! is a brand that tells a story! It may look avant-garde but it goes back to the 18th century. To get a little more detail, we asked Eugenio Litta Modignani, CEO and founder of Tovaritch Spirits International SA to tell us more…

My ancestor, Count Jule Rene Litta, was ambassador of the Order of Malta to Catherine the Great’s court in Saint Petersburg. During his service, he discovered the know-how behind Russia’s beloved drink and elaborated the recipe fine-tuning it to perfection. The recipe was kept by my family until I discovered it in the family archives in 1998. I immediately saw its potential. It took years of hard work to turn the recipe into gold but it’s been a winning battle all along.

What makes your vodka different?

Tovaritch! is a happy marriage of Swiss commitment to excellence and Russian tradition. Being a Russian brand, Tovaritch! carries a strong tradition of true friendship and camaraderie. In Russian the word ‘tovaritch’ means a buddy or a friend. As our motto “Never Drink Alone T!” suggests, Tovaritch! is all about having a great time in the company of like-minded people. Today, Tovaritch! holds a unique market position with its combination of superior quality and attractive pricing.

You have consistently been winning awards… What are the reasons for this consistency?

Indeed, we stand out as the world’s most awarded vodka with 83 awards from prestigious international competitions. It all comes back to quality. We select all-natural, non-GMO ingredients for our vodka. Spring wheat and rye come from the fertile soil of the Volga region. Grains are grown free of chemical pesticides, herbicides and artificial fertilizers and enzymes. Water is drawn from pristine underground wells. In the distillery, we use only organic yeasts and natural nutrients and blend the filtered spirit with natural ingredients, thus ensuring that vodka has a smooth, clean taste.

What were your main goals / reasons for coming to Vinexpo HK?

We are looking to develop new business in Asia as well as to strengthen relations with our current distributors. We were not going to Vinexpo emptyhanded. This year, we have showcased our new ingenious 3D marketing visual. It was created by our partner, Proximity Madrid, a top Spain-based global marketing agency, and has recently been awarded first prize by Lürzer’s Archive.


How important is Vinexpo HK in your global marketing plan?

Consistency is a key element of our global marketing plan. That’s why we keep coming back to Vinexpo Hong Kong. It is our third time here over the past six years. Vinexpo HK is Asia and Pacific’s No. 1 venue for wine and spirits professionals. It offers excellent opportunities for introducing our novelties to the Asian operators