The Drinks Business @ Vinexpo

Hong Kong senior staff writer Lucy Jenkins’ “take” on the show

The Drinks business Hong Kong is the Asian arm of the drinks business magazine, Europe’s most widely read trade publication on the drinks industry. For their website and daily newsletter, they average around 70,000-80,000 readers per day. Their senior staff writer, Lucy Jenkins tells us what she was looking for at Vinexpo Hong Kong.

I was primarily looking to connect with the world’s leading winemakers, merchants and suppliers for Asia-focused stories on fine wine, as well as pursuing new opportunities for advertorials in conjunction with our sales teams. As with all major trade conferences, this is an ideal spot for garnering some potential new sales opportunities – especially over a glass of wine! By the end of Vinepo, many people are too frazzled to be interviewed, but some of the masterclasses from the major wine companies – Wines of Australia, Argentina, Greece, etc., were extremely well organised and informative.

What did you find most interesting this year?

This year, I found the pure breadth of wine available really exciting. So many smaller countries – for example Georgia – are really getting their foot in the door when it comes to targeting the Asian (and especially Chinese) consumers. Also a good showing from spirits from all corners of the earth was a welcome addition.

What do you see as being the biggest groundswell trends in the industry?

For wine it would be the broadening of consumers’ palates. I have written countless articles on HK’s consumption “no longer focused on Bordeaux” and so there is greater opportunity than ever before for non-French wines to get a look in. For example, Spain, Italy, Chile, Australia are just some examples of how other countries are becoming extremely popular all over Asia. Champagne continues to bubble away nicely, though Prosecco is gaining ground in China – only the good stuff mind. For spirits there has been a surge towards sipping spirits i.e. rum, vodka etc as better made spirits find their way over here.