Uvas Felices

Happy Grapes from Spain

The importance of effective group marketing was demonstrated at Vinexpo HK by the Spanish Vila Vini Teca group, and it’s very clever Uvas Felices marketing platform. We asked group founder Quim Vila Betriu to tell us more about the group and the new campaign.

Uvas Felicas refers to “happy grapes”, and each of these wines is a project with different vignerons and winemakers in different areas of Spain. All the wines are made with the indigenous grapes of the area. In some places we are owners of the vines. In others we have partners. All of the brands come under the Uvas Felices marketing umbrella. We are exporting to around 25 countries, and each wine is marketed individually.

One here has a funny name – Pero Verde – or green dog. Where does this idea come from?

The green dog is a typical expression in Spain, meaning you are one of the most unique – or different… it’s actually a good expression.

What are the key reasons for your presence at Vinexpo Hong Kong this year?

We already sell a lot of wine in Spain, where our wines can be found in top restaurants, and we even have three of our own shops in Barcelona, not to mention Madrid. Here we are looking to find specialty distributors in this part of the world. We are not looking for the big retailers. Vinexpo Hong Kong is a very good place for us to meet importers not only from China and Hong Kong, but also from Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and the Philippines. This show is even more interesting for us than the Bordeaux edition, because we are already quite well known in Europe, and we have direct contacts with distributors, whereas here we are still making a lot of new contacts. Approximately 30% of our exports are to this part of the world.