Three Faces – Three Wines

Spain’s Vintae wines leverage remarkable labelling to great effect

The slogan of Spanish wine producer Vintae is “Not just a wine company… a new way of experiencing wine”. Indeed, when it comes to creating a lifestyle image, Vintae are spreading new ideas – in particular when it comes to labelling.

But why Asian-looking faces on Spanish wine? Carlos Garcia Mangado, Vintae Asia-Pacific Managing Partner tells Vinexpo Daily that the owners of Vintae love Asian culture, and had been looking for a concept to bring the Spanish and Asian cultures together. “Matsu is the Japanese word for ‘wait’. The labels have the faces of farmers of three generations, because it’s the farmers that make it possible for us to have wine on our tables. The three different generations match the three different ages of our wine: young, medium and old.”

Matsu wine is organic, and produced in the Toro region of Spain, and last year scored 94 points in the Parker guide. While Toro wines are normally powerful and astringent, Mangado says this one has a different approach. “The tannins are very soft. It’s a very approachable wine. With around 15 months on Oak, you don’t feel it so much in the flavour or the structure of the wine. That’s what makes the success of this collection all over the world.”


The Spanish wine marketer underlines the fact that original and innovative labelling has been key to the wine’s success. “In the beginning, when we started this collection in Asia, not just in Japan – although that was easier because the name is Japanese – a lot of people were scared about the faces on the packaging. In this case, for good or bad, it’s very visual and eye-catching. It’s very easy for people to remember, and sometimes people buy box sets of all three – to get the experience of all three types of wine.” While being launched with an “Asian tilt”, the wine is now being marketed to a broader global target. “We are working in 50 or 60 countries in the world, and are happy to have great partners” adds Mangado. “In Hong Kong we work through Kedington Wines, one of the most reputed distributors here.”