Spirits With a Catalonian Touch

With perhaps the most colourful stand at Vinexpo HK 2016, MG Distilleries is a family company in Spain with more than five generations committed to tradition, quality and innovation in distilling and with a presence in more than 25 markets. We asked Sales & Marketing Manager (China, HK & Macau), Thomas Wu to tell us more…

We have Spanish gin, rum and vodka, as well as mixed drinks… all from Barcelona. The company was established in 1835, so it has a long background in spirits. Our company is endorsed by the most stringent certification in the European and international food sector, the IFS (international Food Standard) certification standard.

What’s new at Vinexpo Hong Kong?

We are introducing new MG Spirits, with eleven flavours. We already had six flavours on the market, but we are introducing five new ones to Hong Kong, Macau and China.

How are sales developing?

In Hong Kong, the market is quite well covered. We have product in 7/11 stores and other major supermarkets and convenience stores. Sales are on a smaller scale through bars and hotels.

Please tell us a little more about the MG Spirit product.

MG Spirit is really a perfect combination of our most prestigious spirituous drinks and the most popular soft drinks in the market. MG Distillery in fact is one of the first to have manufactured RTD mixed drinks. Flavours include Mojito, Caipirinha, Vodka Lime, Vodka Orange, Vodka Pineapple, Whisky Cola, Whisky Ginger, Cuba Libre, Gin Lemon, and Gin & Tonic.

What has reaction been like from buyers at the show this year?

They are very excited about the colourful packaging, and they have also been able to test for themselves and see that the quality of the product is excellent compared to others on the market. In our mixers, we use high quality vodka, whisky and gin as a base, and flavours are all natural, not made with so many artificial ingredients.

People don’t normally think of gin, vodka, rum or whisky to be brewed in Spain. How do you go about differentiating this product?

You are right, but in fact these products already sell well in Spain, and that’s what made us decide to introduce them onto the global market.

What are your main USPs?

The main one is quality. The ingredients are very professionally prepared. Price is another one, and packaging is also very attractive.