Château Roubine Goes Entirely Organic

With three cuvees “Cru Classé” from Côtes de Provence, 850,000 bottles commercialized annually worldwide and over three million Euros in sales (in constant progression for the last 20 years), Château Roubine has been transformed over the past 20 years into a highly dynamic operation. Owner Valérie Rousselle has thus successfully met her challenge: to transform, modernise and optimise Château Roubine; an exceptional vineyard situated between Lorgues and Draguignan in the South of France, which she bought just on 20 years ago.

Today, in order to pursue this path of success and after working in pure respect of the environment, soil and biodiversity (Reasoned Agriculture Certification since 2008 and work in biodynamic agriculture for the past 4 years), this year, Château Roubine is officially converting the entire vineyard to Biological Agriculture; thus 100 hectares of vines – home to 13 different grape varieties.

Its natural energy; its team of 19 innovative professionals and its important investments (over 10 million euros in 20 years to endow the winery with the latest innovative equipment) have allowed Château Roubine to be known as the winery of excellence and innovation as well as a respected reference of the “Vins de Provence”. Its three cuvees, “Inspire”, “Terre de Croix” and “Château Roubine” offer rosé (60% of the total production), red (30%) and white (10%) wines.

Furthermore, in order to face the important demand and because the domain voluntarily chose to limit the yields and seeks for optimal grape maturity, Valérie Rousselle has also just launched a totally new wine: “R” de Roubine”, in 2014, made from a meticulous selection of the best juices from the harvest of 2014. The three types of wine will be available, (red, rosé and white) which will bare a label with class and simplicity.